Amy Pritchard

Compound Host


Compound Manager

Jean D'Amour


I was born in northern province, Having my own work and hiring many people is my dream, that is my dream. I love music. I have a wife and one amazing son, playing with him makes me feel happy, it is easy to see how I'm good with people, and I really feel sad when the something goes wrong with my family.


Teamwork is great here at Kiyovu compound and the chance to meet with many different people.

Jean Pierre aka Peter

Compound Security

I was born in northern province, Rurindo district. I’m always dreaming one day to become my own boss and build generational wealth. I came to Kigali for work. I like camping and traveling. I have a family, and I really do my best to be kind to people. Seeing my family enjoying themselves and having a good time really puts me in a good mood.

I like my colleagues. We work together and are motivated to work here in the Kiyovu compound because it lets us meet new people.


Weekend Compound Manager

I dream of being my own boss which helps me to become a good motivator for others, and I still fight for that. I was born in the northern province, Gicumbi District. After finishing my high school in 2011, I decided to move to my village. 


Soon after, I came looking for a new life in Kigali. It's hard for me to understand myself, but I'm a good communicator and it's easy for me to relate to other people. Playing with the kids always makes me so happy and reminds me to have mine one day.


Lower 2-Bedroom Manager

I was born in the northern province, Musanze district. I came to Kigali for work. My big dream is to become a tour operator. I am a father and a husband. I love my family. I really enjoy our annual event at Kiyovu where everyone including their families gather in the compound for food, drinks and conversations. 


There is more than one reason why I like working here in Kiyovu. The first is that it helps me to learn more culturally from people from outside of my country. In addition, Kiyovu is  like my second home.

69 KN 7 Street
Kigali City, Rwanda  |  1-202-562-771

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