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Amy Pritchard

Amy Pritchard

Compound Host

Amy is organizer of the whole compound. She goes back and forth between the United State and Rwanda regularity so is not always in Kigali but has an incredible team in place to organize and manage the compound.

Rosette Tuyisenge

Compound  Co-Manager

Rosette is a recent graduate of Davis College and the Akilah Institute for Women with a major in hospitality.

She was born in southern province-Nyanza District -Muyira sector.

She has a genuine interest in growing professions in the areas of customer care  and food and beverage Service . She is specialized in quality, speed and process optimization.  She is a solid team player with positive attitudes and proven skills in providing good customer care to the clients. Her greatest passion in life is using her technical skills and know-how to benefit other people and organizations.

Whinock Ndeze

Compound Co-Manager


Hyacinthe M. Ahingeneye

Compound Assistant Manager.

I was  a graduate of Davis College/ Akilah Institute for Women, where she pursued a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. I am passionate about sewing and dreams of having space for women to use their talent to inspire others.  I am deeply committed to community development and is eager to volunteer her skills and time to make a positive impact.

I thrive under pressure, excels in team management, and is comfortable with multitasking and handling diverse responsibilities simultaneously. 



Weekend Compound Manager

I dream of being my own boss which helps me to become a good motivator for others, and I still fight for that. I was born in the northern province, Gicumbi District. After finishing my high school in 2011, I decided to move to my village. 


Soon after, I came looking for a new life in Kigali. It's hard for me to understand myself, but I'm a good communicator and it's easy for me to relate to other people. Playing with the kids always makes me so happy and reminds me to have mine one day.



Chef & Security

Jean Pierre aka Peter

Jean Pierre aka Peter

Compound Security

I was born in northern province, Rurindo district. I’m always dreaming one day to become my own boss and build generational wealth. I came to Kigali for work.


 like camping and traveling. I have a family, and I really do my best to be kind to people. Seeing my family enjoying themselves and having a good time really puts me in a good mood.

I like my colleagues. We work together and are motivated to work here in the Kiyovu compound because it lets us meet new people.


Obed D. Alphonse

Outdoor cleaner and security

I was born in the South Province, Muhanga district.


I love people and possess a deep passion for transforming materials into something entirely unique. I find comfort in nature, particularly when surrounded by trees and accompanied by dogs, as it allows me to connect with the environment.

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