Kiyovu Compound is a special place in Kigali. The compound can be a bit tricky to find the first time. The driveway is not well marked but some landmarks help. It is located at close to 69 KN 7. Across the street is the University of Rwanda NYARUNGENGE Campus MUHABURA block - there is a big sign by their driveway. Across from that is a house with a white gate and our driveway is next to that.

Please contact Vestina, the house keeper and compound manager. Her number is +250 782723438 or the guard, Jean Pierre - and his number is +250 784194314. He only speaks Kinyarwanda - but if your driver is local and has problems he might help.

69 KN 7 Street
Kigali City, Rwanda  |  1-202-562-771

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